Room Type: Rooms

from $175 1-2 person

Florence’s room is on the upper floor of the Blair House, with a lovely view of the gardens and a partial ocean view. This spacious room has a floral wallpaper that will brig

from $225
from $225 1-2 person

Eric’s room overlooks the historic village of Mendocino. If watching the sunrise is your cup of tea, then this is the room you want to be in. It comes complete with a queen-size

from $225 1-2 person

Jennifer’s room is cozy and sunny with an excellent view of the ocean. This room features a warm and inviting atmosphere with light pine furniture, a four-poster bed, and a beaut

from $275 1-2 person

The Blair House’s most coveted room is Angela’s Suite. This lavish suite boasts two rooms, with ten-foot ceilings and bay windows. Unwind before bed in the cozy sitting